the Internet of Value

INFRINITY is a programmable finance platform that powers new products, services and business models with financial services at the core.

Today, more and more data is being exchanged digitally to establish trustful environments and facilitate commercial exchange. But the Internet was never designed to facilitate transactions. It is simply not the fully-fledged transaction channel that the next digital economy needs. 

A new, simplified logic behind
value exchange

Going back to the basic components of trade and transactions – identity, assets, and payments – INFRINITY is building a new, global financial infrastructure that embeds trust and payments at a protocol level and enables businesses to build scalable products with financial services at the core.

A secure transaction engine
for enterprise level applications

By integrating all silo IT-systems in one ledger and removing the middlemen, INFRINITY provides the building blocks for financial customer-centric solutions, allowing businesses to scale and service their products at a fraction of the cost.

A fair distribution of value infrastructure to power new business models 

Introducing a new standard for how data is being sourced, stored, managed, and monetized, INFRINITY enables fair, transparent, and fast transactions between multiple parties. Activating people and businesses to harness the full potential and economic value of their data at near-zero transaction fee.

A fully programmable transaction engine to change
the way we define, own, and transact value.

Digital ID

Digital Identity, Digital signing, KYC/KYB, and tokenization of digital assets - products, services, projects, property, land, etc.

Data integrity

Verification, auditable versions, embedded compliance, governance and trust, and GDPR compliance through advanced digital signatures.

Instant Delivery vs Payments

Instant delivery, clearing , settlement and payment of any digital asset in real-time without intermediation.

Blockchain as a Service

Leveraging an existing network or creating bespoke multi-tier business environments with a trusted stable coin at the heart of the ecosystem.

Trinity - Stable coin

Granting direct access to an entire ecosystem through a stable coin built on trust, INFRINITY enables the safe value exchange within the blockchain network to power cross-business and in-business economics. Facilitating liquidity throughout digital transactions.

Providing the building blocks for the next economy.

A platform with a modular design that allows to build and manage secure, scalable applications through a smart contract engine, a meta-data and asset library, a set of APIs, and multiple layers of governance.



Digital Id



Ricardian Contracts




We are building the Internet of Value,
the transactional layer to the internet

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